The Benefits of Living in Private Student Accommodation While at University

Student Accommodation Salford

There’s alot to consider when deciding where to live while at university.  Do you go for University owned accommodation, private student accommodation, shared living or a private en-suite?  To help narrow it down, we’ve looked at the benefits of private student accommodation and how they are equipped to make student life easier.

Purpose Built

Private student accommodation is built with students in mind, from the high quality offering, to the amenities and locations they inhabit.  They are developed to make student life easier too, for example, all of the rooms at Friargate Court feature desk space and include fast Wi-Fi in the rooms.

The sites also have access to a lot of benefits campus residences do not offer, such as laundry and cleaning facilities, and wellness amenities like gyms. 

Private accommodations tend to include the cost of utility bills within the rent – heating, water, electricity and WiFi – so you know exactly where you stand with bills each month!

Location, Location, Location

Student Halls are often in town, at the heart of the action.  As they can be open to students from any education body – they’re a great way to make even more friends.  You’ll get all the services you’d expect with uni halls, plus potentially more, as well as a great location keeping you close to both the university and city centres.  For example Friargate Court can accommodate students that are attending both UCLan and Cardinal Newman.

Student Safety

Another benefit of private student accommodation is that there’s generally better security for the building.  For example, Friargate Court has a 24hr concierge, CCTV cameras and key fob access – all to keep you safe and offer peace of mind.

What’s more, the staff at private student halls are always on hand to help, whether it be for your wellbeing, recommending where to go in the city, or any other help you may need.  Our team at Portergate are always on hand to help you.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for central quality living with a diverse group of students, then private halls are definitely for you!