Student Accommodation Gyms – Why They Matter

Student accommodation gyms have become a must-have feature when considering where to live.

Moving away from home can be an exciting but scary experience, especially if you’re moving to a new country.  So it’s important your chosen accommodation can foster an environment that encourages socialising, fitness and is an inviting, positive space.

Communal areas and workout spaces are great ways to encourage students to get to know each other, and combat loneliness.  Exercise can help with mental health, so student accommodation gyms can be some of the most important spaces in the building! 

There are many synergies between exercise and studying – a workout boosts concentration and reduces stress, which helps for better overall learning and general wellbeing.

Here at Friargate Court we’re in the midst of developing an onsite resident only gym, launching 2021.  Meaning you’ll be able to get fit and build strength without leaving your accommodation!  Which is another excellent option for staying on track with goals and ensuring you feel good through fitness.

Whether you’re a frequent gym goer or a once a month visitor, gyms are a terrific way to get fit, have a change of scene from your desk and meet new friends – all brilliant antidotes to anxiety, lethargy and the fatal lure of the sofa and a box set binge.