Fire Safety at Friargate Court

Statement: Fire Safety

Portergate Property Management would like to remind all residents of the importance of fire safety in light of recent events at a student accommodation in Bolton.

The building has been tested and certified and is compliant, meeting safety standards for fire retardancy.

Please read the following Fire Prevention Policy:

It is PPM’s policy that all practicable steps be taken to prevent the occurrence of fire.  It should, in particular, be stressed that the fire protection measures described in further sections of this manual are not intended as a substitute for high standards of basic fire prevention, nor as any form of compensation for such standards.

Fire is not inevitable; it is normally the result of poor management practices or carelessness by occupants.  The prevention of fire is, therefore, the responsibility of all tenants and PPM.  Any defects, or failure in procedures, that may affect fire safety should be reported to the responsible person.

The most common causes of fire are:

•           Careless disposal of smokers’ materials.

•           Electrical faults.

•           Arson.

Particular attention must be given to avoidance of these hazards.  In addition, poor housekeeping standards exacerbate the risk of fire; all tenants and the Building Manager must monitor housekeeping standards, with a view to avoiding situations that create fire hazards.

Requirements specific to avoidance of the most common causes of fire and general fire hazards are described in subsequent sub-sections.