Staying Safe on a Night Out

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Here at Friargate Court, our priority is student safety, both within the student accommodation in Preston, and around the streets of Preston.

Walking at night

When heading into the city centre for a night out, make sure you and your friends stay in a group and are aware of what is going on around you.

You can also stay safe by using public transport or catching a taxi. We have listed various taxi firms in Preston, these can be found at the end of the blog; but make sure you catch a booked licensed taxi, be sure not to get in any unmarked cars.

If you decide to walk at night after drinking, please stick to well-lit areas and pathways – don’t be tempted to cut through alleys to make your journey faster, or stop for food in an unknown area, safety is priority.

By thinking about what route you are going to take home and plan it before you start your night out.

Walk confidently and don’t be too distracted by your phone, earphones or any other type of device, either by looking for directions home or by listening to music. If you must listen to music, keep the volume to a minimum and place on earphone out to enable you to hear any presence around you.

Avoid walking by the waterways in the dark, even if it’s a faster route home. Stay in densely populated areas with buildings, homes and businesses so you are around people as you head home.

“Ask for Angela”

If something does not feel right, then you can always ask for help from the staff at the venue. There is an initiative that can be used to discreetly talk to staff if you are uncomfortable on a night out.

Go up to the bar or ask any of the staff there for ‘Angela’, and staff members will help you get home safely or make sure you are looked after.

Safety at the venue

Watch your drink, at all times,  never leave your drink unattended in a venue, under any circumstances.

Be careful when drinking on a night out, as it can be easy to overdo the alcohol especially as a student with free and cheap drinks and a culture of encouraged heavy drinking.

Know your limit and stick to drinking in moderation, not only will you will feel the benefit in the morning, but you will maintain greater awareness and judgement.

Do not accept drinks from strangers or people you do not know well either.

There can sometimes be peer pressure associated with a night out at university, and it is important to remember that a true friend would not want to put you under any pressure regarding drinking.

These guidelines are mostly common sense but can be easily forgotten about when you are enjoying your evening out. Take 2 minutes at the start of your evening to think ahead and be aware of what is going on around you on a night out. Message friends to check they get home safe.

Stick in groups and look out for each other when in unfamiliar areas of the city. If in doubt, catch a cab.

Enjoy the nightlife of Preston responsibly, and get back to your student accommodation in safely.


  • Stick with your friends
  • Use public transport or a taxi
  • Stick to well-lit areas
  • Plan your route
  • Do not be distracted by your phone
  • Ask for Angela
  • Control your drinking
  • Do not accept drinks from people you do not know
  • Get home safe

For more information:

Taxis in Preston

Eagle Taxis: 01772 200300

Millers Citax: 01772 884000