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Being a student means a whole lot more than sleeping in until 11am, going out until 6am and eating pasta. It means being independent and, whether in first or third year, having to balance studying with lectures, seminars, exams and general ‘life admin’. Good student accommodation in Preston can really help.

Not to mention part-time work, finances, cooking, cleaning and paying bills, often a whole new experience for 18-year-olds. Everyone knows that the second semester is harder, the lectures get longer and the essays become tedious. This means that the new year is a great opportunity to better prepare yourself for the rest of the academic year, from the small things such as keeping your student accommodation clean, to getting a head-start on papers well before deadlines, giving you the best chance to succeed.

Here at Friargate Court, we have listed our best tips for keeping organised this new semester both at uni and in your Preston student accommodation.

Plan Your Studies

It seems simple, but you have a schedule for lectures, seminars, tutorials and exams, so why not extend that further to your independent study, as well as your social time. This way you will better prepare the time you need to relax as well. If you treat your uni day like a 9-5, then you can achieve more than enough.

By making lists, getting into a consistent routine and setting targets for yourself your time will be spent more wisely and you will achieve so much more. To organise efficiently, use your resources to plan ahead and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Stay Healthy

Keeping it together doesn’t just mean your timetable, schedule or study time, it means putting yourself first and prioritising your health to become more efficient and productive. By getting effective sleep (between 6-11 hours recommended) you are in a better position to retain information and learn effectively when studying, therefore making better use of your time and giving you a rest when needed, rather than over- or under-sleeping and being useless the next day.

In addition to this, it is important to eat right, which can be difficult when living away from home and being tempted by cheap, junk food. But eating healthily and regularly will contribute to activating your brain and keeping you stimulated, focused and healthy.

Be careful not to drink too much, as social and enjoyable as uni can be, it can be a dangerous trap to regularly drink too much, and not only make poor decisions, but ruin your sleeping pattern and productivity in the days following a session of drinking.

It is important not to overload and do to much. With studying, cooking, cleaning, travelling and socialising, things like sleep and your health can often be neglected. Therefore it is important to know when to switch off, which is why we recommend you plan your study time and separate it from your rest and relaxation time.

Your Preston Student Accommodation

A disorganised life can impact every aspect of your time of university, which is why your making in addition to a well planned study schedule and a healthy lifestyle should be followed by an environment which reflects that. Things such as planning what you wear, your meals, sorting course material allows you to create an environment that relieves stress and promotes effective study, which is beneficial when so much of your time is spent there.

Following these tips will start to help you feel more organised and may improve your overall experience at university, as well as preparing you for the working world once you leave. Set time aside to plan, prepare and prioritise the important aspects of your uni life, and you may find that being more organised gets easier and helps your grades, your mood and your health.

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