Finding your new flatmates before university

Pre-university worries can be consuming, but you are not alone.  One of the things likely to be on your mind is the prospect of meeting and living with new people. 

While there will naturally be a settling in period, we have some suggestions on ways to connect with your new community beforehand, making the move into student life a little less daunting.

Get to know your flatmates via virtual communities

Now more than ever we’ve seen the power of digital communities, and the power they have to bring everyone together.  They can be a great platform to connect with your fellow students and by getting to know each other you may even feel more at ease ahead of moving in.

A flat chat, or Facebook group for students to meet can be a great way to get ahead of the move-in day arrangements.  You can check when everyone is arriving, plan when to get the first weekly shop and where to have your first night in (or out) together.  

We’ve created a Facebook Group for our 20/21 students, where we include tips about the local area and how to make the most of living together.

Topics of conversation and ice-breakers

Find out where people are from, what everyone else is studying, if anyone’s been watching the latest Netflix series.  Try finding out what board-games everyone likes, everyone’s favourite takeaway for the first night or what everyone drinks so you can bring the first bottle.   

Or if you’d rather do all that once you’ve met, keep it practical,  double check what everyone is bringing – could be a useful way to ensure you don’t double up on packing.    

NB: Dedicated student accommodations tend to provide the essential kitchen and bedding packs so you have less to pack before move-in.  Make sure you check what’s included in your apartment to reduce your packing!

Connections that last

Friendships with flatmates can last a lifetime,  make the most of your time together with a list of activities to complete, like this one that we’ve created!

Better yet, create one together once you’ve learned what you have in common!

Forming a house bubble

The people you live with this year will become your Covid-19 household bubble. The other occupants within your cluster flat will be your new family. Shared living is a great way to avoid feeling isolated and means you’ll still be able to socialise with the other residents of your cluster should any local lockdowns be imposed.