National Code of Standards

anuk assured accommodation

national code of standards

Friargate Court is a member of the National Code of Standards.  This means we agree to comply with the benchmarked standards set out by ANUK, which cover both the experiential and physical aspects of our building.

The Code ensures that both students and key workers receive good standards of housing management.  Disputes and misunderstandings are reduced, and where problems do occur they are resolved quickly.


  • Your contract is clearly written stating your rent amount and any other fees that you need to pay
  • Your accommodation, including all furniture and fittings are in a reasonable condition
  • Your accommodation is secure
  • Your accommodation is ready for you when you arrive
  • A set procedure is in place to deal with disputes and complaints effectively
  • Repairs and maintenance will be carried out within agreed timescales
  • Your accommodation complies with health and safety standards which covers such things as fire prevention and electrical safety

For more information, visit The National Code website

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