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Here you can find out more about the accommodation at Friargate Court. Find out what it is like to live in the great city of Preston. Read about what our residents are saying about us. Meet the team to learn more about Portergate Property Management too!

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Friargate Court

Learn about luxury accommodation at Friargate Court.

Explore the prices and room types at Friargate Court

Find out about the extras in our all-inclusive package.

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Living in Preston

Preston is a great city and there is so much to explore. Find our monthly updates on activity in the city.


Take a look at what our residents are saying about us. Find out for yourself if you think Friargate Court is the place for you.

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Meet the Team

Meet the team at Friargate Court. From the reception team to the cleaning staff, these are the people who help make your experience a great one.

Portergate Property Management

Portergate Property Management are the team behind Friargate Court.

All operations including lettings, enquiries, marketing and tenancy go through these channels.

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Here we post any regular news from Friargate Court. This could be about about our luxury accommodation at Friargate Court in Preston or resident information. In addition, information, blogs and features about living in Preston or student life, it can be found here.

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